joined a tightlacing group on facebook today. only fabulous people there!

tightlacing update

wearing the 60cm 24/7. my order for the new corset was changed to 50cm.

my new selection of boots for parties…

short news

i’m totally into 24/7 tightlacing now.

  • my normal waist is arround 84-87cm
  • i wear a 60cm corset at day
  • i sleep with a 65cm at night

and i just ordered a 53cm stemwaist to take it to the next level…

got myself a new corsett

i just bought myself a new corset, this time to be worn under the normal garnment.

as soon as it’s getting colder again and i’m able to hide it under some clothing i’ll start tightlacing myself (from 84cm without corset to 70cm with the new one fully closed).

until then it is a nice accessory to be worn over a spiderweb shirt on fetish parties.

anyone interested in pictures? 


girls i want to do before i die:

  • a blonde girl
  • a bald girl
  • a real redhead
  • a girl smaler than 1.40m
  • a petite girl with an a-cup
  • a girl with REALLY huge labia
  • a black girl
  • an amputee

things i wanna do to a girl before i die:

  • fist her in both holes at the same time
  • have her sleep bound tight beside me
  • nail her tits to a piece of wood
  • put skewers through her tits
  • sew her pussy shut
  • saline injection of her tits/pussy
  • have her tight-lace down to a 18” waist
  • have her run around 24/7 with a remote controllable electrocution/TENS device in her holes and on her tits
  • let her live as 24/7 latex gimp with inflatable latex in and on her so that no human features are visible anymore

things i wanna do to myself/have done to me before i die:

  • experience 24/7 mummyfication/immobilization
  • practice male tightlacing 24/7
  • try extreme sensory deprivation for extended periods of time
  • fuck around with 6 slaves at once (2 hands, 2 feet, a dick and a mouth)
  • wearing latex 24/7
  • being assfucked with a dildo

yours truly is still alive, but quite busy again.

we didn’t have time for a decent play session in weeks, just nice vanilla sex in between.

the party last week was a full success, we had a good time looking at people, dancing and looking nice ourselves :)

tomorrow is the next masked fetish ball (the nice one again, not the one i was ranting about the last time) *g*

i think i gonna wear a black trouser and lace me down in my long corset (a black male corset cut like a waistcoat with shoulder straps).

i wont wear anything below so that my shoulder tattoo is visible on my back…

Last night we watched each other masturbate. That was fun somehow…

the rope is done, i just oiled the last meters. now all hail for the weekend to try…

i’m getting old…

…got sore muscles from tensioning the hemp-rope.

a day well spend

we went shopping for a nice, new 1950s style dress for my GF. it’ll be ready in about 2 weeks as it is tailored.

when coming home a mailorder dress was delivered and after that i spend the rest of the evening preparing 80 meters of hemp-rope (which is drying right now)…


We officially crashed our bed the third time last week. This time it took me 20 big screws to fix it. Why don’t manufacturers include a ‘rough sex safety margin’???

madison young is a mommy now, great news…